We are committed to doing the work

to improve our food system and grow a better future.


How Majestic Greens Farm came to be...

We are first-generation farmers doing what we can and doing what we must.

Like most Americans, we are are long removed from our farming roots. If we reach back two or three generations we can find our ancestors tending their home gardens while share-cropping in central Arkansas and coal mining in Eastern Kentucky. Our return has been a growing process.

Following years of work in the activist, nonprofit, and education sectors, we realized that our best path forward was not to petition, tinker around the edges, or hope to work within broken systems: We were called to rise to the challenges of our time and help grow the alternatives we wanted to see in the world.

For us it started with a raggedy guerilla garden near our old home in Houston. On borrowed land we started growing food for our family that we knew would be healthier for us and easier on the environment than the stuff from California sold at the grocery store. But what we had begun just for ourselves quickly drew the attention of neighbors, who took it for a community garden. They thanked us for what we were doing and we happily shared our small harvests. And from there we began to dream of something more. We wanted to build on that shared love of food that connected us to our community and the soil.

In 2016 we transplanted to Max's grandparents old place here in Oakland, Kentucky, with the goal of turning acres of grass into something more productive. We got some hens and grew a home garden even bigger than we could handle. We ate and gifted and canned and sold all summer and fall. We greened up our thumbs and began to get to know our new neighbors and community.

In 2017 Max worked with Nathan and Michelle Howell of Need More Acres Farm to learn the ins and outs of full-on commercial farm work. They have been deeply gracious mentors. Our farm would not be possible with out their generous teaching, brave trailblazing, and tireless advocacy for all the eaters and farmers of Kentucky. We are deeply grateful for them and all that they do.

In 2018 we established the farm, set up shop at Community Farmers Market in Bowling Green and partnered with Jackie Berry of Flourishing Herbs Farm to begin Growing Together Farm Share, our CSA veggie subscription service.

We are excited to continue living into this calling. Together with you the eaters, we can grow healthier people, a more connected southern Kentucky, a more resilient local economy, and a more sustainable relationship to our shifting planet.


"Majestic Greens"

Our farm name reflects the beauty and glory of the natural world. It is also hearkens back to our Kentucky roots. The land we work today once belonged to Max's grandparents and it was here that he spent many summers as a child. Though they are gone from us now, we still share their sense of joy in the beauty of this green place. They were born and raised in Pike County in a small town called Majestic.

Meet Your Farmers


Max Farrar heads up all our work here at Majestic Greens Farm. He was born and raised in Nashville, TN and spent many of his childhood summers in Oakland and Morehead Kentucky on his grandparents' land. After years working in the nonprofit world and in the classroom as a Social Studies teacher, he decided to take up the call to farm with his family. His favorite food is chana masala. His top 5 MCs are Lauryn Hill, Big Boi, Andre 3000, Bun B, and his daughter.


Davida Flowers is an apprentice midwife, doula, and birth educator - farming is just her side gig! She was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Houston, TX. She has a deep passion for maternal health and prenatal care and works to equalize health outcomes for young mothers and mothers of color. She teaches roosters to be gentlemen in her spare time, and makes a mean dutch baby.