Good for the Earth

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Environmental responsibility is a foundation principle on our farm.

Organic Practices

We use growing practices that build the health of our soil, rather than pumping in chemical fertilizers. Our primary soil amendments are compost, manures, and natural minerals, following organic standards.

We do not spray synthetic pesticides or herbicides for pest and weed control. Our first line of defense is an integrated pest management system of traps and netting that keep harmful bugs out, without killing beneficial insects like bees. If serious infestations occur we use pesticides derived from natural ingredients which meet strict OMRI or NOP organic standards. We suppress weeds with landscape fabrics and plastic films, again in accordance with organic standards.


We use low-till methods to prevent soil erosion and minimize disruption to earthworms and micro-organisms in our living soil.

Our farm includes untended land to preserve natural environments for local flora and fauna.

Minimizing Pollution

Local produce like ours uses far less fuel to transport, reducing air pollution and the carbon footprint of your food.

We are also committed to preventing erosion and fertilizing responsibly to minimize nitrogen run off.

Not Certified Organic?

We are not presently a USDA Certified Organic farm. At this stage, we have chosen not to undertake the substantial time and paperwork commitments required for certification. We do employ some practices that would not meet USDA Organic standards: We start many of our seedlings at Mammoth Cave Transplants, a local conventionally-run professional greenhouse. We use some certified organic seeds and some Non GMO seeds that are not certified organic. We are proud of how we grow and are happy to answer your questions!

Come and See!

If you are curious to see our techniques in action or learn more about how your food is grown, we welcome visitors and volunteers! Please contact us to schedule a visit.


Good for Your Body & Family

Vegetables and fruits are the cornerstone of a healthy diet.


We grow the staple veggies you love and are always happy to provide cooking tips for new crops and picky eaters! 

We grow produce with nutrition in mind and our organic growing practices help to improve the nutrient profile of our vegetables.

Safety & Integrity

We began farming with our home garden, concerned about the safety of our food. We care just as much for our customers. We never use toxic synthetic chemicals on our soil or produce. We never grow food from genetically modified seed (GMOs).

Good Eating

Cooking and preparing nutritious food is among the best ways to show care for our loved ones. If you're a master home chef or newbie in the kitchen, let us know and we can give recipes or cooking tips.

Knowing the story of our food strengthens our connection to the earth and each other.


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Good for Our Community

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We are Kentucky Proud!

Strengthening the Local Economy

Buying your food locally cycles money back into our local economy rather than shipping it out of state to middle men, corporations, and industrial farms. We live, shop, buy farm equipment, and pay taxes right here in Warren County.

Local food production keeps communities resilient in hard economic times and strengthens our ability to sustain ourselves for the future.

Giving Back

We proudly participate in the Community Farmers Market's "Double Dollars" programs for people of all ages and incomes. If you receive WIC, SNAP, or Senior FMNP assistance you can get twice the cash value of your benefits by buying fresh produce at our booth or any other. No matter your financial situation, all people deserve healthy food. We are dedicated to making our produce affordable and accessible to all.

As part of the Growing Together Farm Share we allow members to pay what they can for a weekly supply of fresh local veggies. All our members share this cost with farmers to support food access for all.

Pregnant and nursing mothers can get a free veggie each week from us to support their well-being and nutrition.

Please contact us for more information about other cost-sharing and food donation opportunities.

Honoring Labor

Farmers Max and Davida, and occasional volunteers do all the work on this farm from sowing to harvesting to selling. Our food is not made artificially cheap through the exploitation of migrant farm workers.